Product information

A water based, stable emulsion mixture, free from suspended matter and sediment, CANTESCO Premium Anti-Spatter with a neutral pH and a rust inhibitor.

Non-toxic, exempt from OSHA requirements for hazardous chemical materials (aerosol can is a pressurized cylinder, in bulk form product is non-flammable).

Ready to use format available in 16 oz aerosol cans (no ozone depleting propellants are used), 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums.

More protective agents

At CANTESCO you will find many other protective agents such as greases, gels and sprays. Have a look for yourself!


Anti-Spatter - Premium Water Based (Aerosol ES-16-A) SDS
Anti-Spatter - Premium Water Based (Aerosol ES-16-A) TDS